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The product for which we are best known, produced from a recipe developed by the original Pekarskis who founded our business.


Traditional kielbasa (also available unsmoked)

Cheese kielbasa with Cabot extra-sharp cheddar

Hot kielbasa with cheese with a pinch of crushed hot pepper and Cabot jack cheese

Pork Chops

Our second most popular smoked product. (Also available unsmoked)

Smoked Hams

Available throughout the year, especially popular at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Italian Sausage

Our version of the sausage that originated in the south of Italy, mainly in the region from Naples to Calabria.

Traditional, Sweet, Hot, Extra Hot, Super Hot

Other sausage products

Pekarski's Own Hot Dogs

Our version of the original frankfurter, a recent addition to our sausage line

Breakfast Sausage

The traditional New England recipe


Traditional German sausage


Traditional German sausage


Our version of the Cajun sausage. (Also available unsmoked)


A spicy Spanish sausage


A highly spiced Portugese garlic sausage. (Also available unsmoked)

Non-pork Smoked Products

Bacon, sliced to order

Canadian Bacon

Daisy Ham

Ribs for summer barbecues, available throughout the year (also unsmoked)



Cornish Hen

Other Local Products

To complement our own products and to cooperate with other local businesses, we offer a variety of local items:

Honey (Warm Colors Apiary, Deerfield)

Pickled Eggs (Blue Seal, Holyoke)

Various Horseradish Products (Saw Mill Site Farm, Greenfield)

Maple Syrup (Boyden Brothers, Conway)

Pierogis (Babci Foods, Chicopee)

Pickles and other pickled products (Northeast Family Farms, Amherst, Deerfield, Granby, Sunderland, Whately, and Westminster, VT)

Jams (various Vermont producers)